Trokšņu barjeras KOHLHAUER SCORSA®

Trokšņu barjeras KOHLHAUER SCORSA®

Utmost functionality for transparent noise protection

KOHLHAUER SCORSA® FRAME - noise barriers barriers are renowned worldwide for their innovative, durable and economic noise solutions and captivating design – Functional Walls with best views. They are as SCORSA CLEARVIEW with acrylic glass, as SCORSA Soundgard available with polycarbonate or as SCORSA LAMEX NOISE PROTECT with silicate glass.

The KOHLHAUER SCORSA® Product Family

Intelligent KOHLHAUER SCORSA® system solutions offer transparent noise protection in modular standard sizes with the element structures SCORSA CLEARVIEW, SCORSA SOUNDGARD or SCORSA LAMEX NOISE PROTECTION in the SCORSA FRAME. Also available in the transparent and absorbent SCORSA CLEARWALL version. We offer transparent noise protection without visibility obstruction, using the SCORSA POINT FIXING frame construction – point fixing for modern layouts. In addition, our parabola-shaped SCORSA FLEX for a futuristic design.



  • Noise barrier without blocked views
  • Stable frame profil made of coated aluminium
  • Modular standard components for a cost-efficient realisation of small, medium and large-scale projects
  • Available with various pane materials
  • Also available with tempered surface
  • Optional bird protection stripes
  • Extensive colour range for individual design
  • CE conformity are present

Product specifications

  • Excellent sound-insulating performance
  • Stable element structure - also for high loads
  • Extremely high aging and corrosion resistance
  • High UV and colour resistance of all used materials
  • Pane infill made of acrylic, silicate glass as well as polycarbonate
  • All materials 100% recyclable
  • Increased noise protection and sound absorption, when combined with other KOHLHAUER® noise barrier elements

Installation of the system components




The transparent noise protection program in acrylic glass, polycarbonate or silicate glass offers best noise without visual disabilities and is particularly easy to install. KOHLHAUER SCORSA® FRAME, the reasonable solution for any budget.

KOHLHAUER SCORSA® FRAME noise barriers perfectly combine attractive appearance, simple assembly with superior technical achievement. They allow a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and help to prevent the well known problem of “tunnel vision”. In this way they help to improve quality of life as well as increase road traffic safety.



The refined technology of CLEARWALL® stands for noise protection of the highest standard. CLEARWALL® is a modular frame system that combines transparent noise protection with integrated, absorbing elements. Depending on noise barrier design, noise absorption levels of 4-8 dB can be obtained. It is not necessary anymore to renounce transparent elements, when absorbing noise barriers are required. Travelers may still view landscapes, cities, monuments and sights. KOHLHAUER offers two different CLEARWALL® systems.


The basis for this transparent and absorbing noise protection system is a sophisticated design with vertical lamella, integrated into a 3 - or 4-sided frame system with transparent panels. The upper edge of the elements can either be delivered with an inclined or with a continuous frame. When using 4-sided frames, the elements can be mounted one above each other. The screw connection of the lamella with frame and panel provides the stability of a space truss. The vertical arrangement of the lamella also serves as glare protection. Looking to the front, glare can be avoided, whilst looking to the side; a clear view can be maintained. Hence, CLEAR WALL ® HS can easily be used for glare protection areas where usually opaque systems would be required. Additionally, the vertical lamellas provide graffiti and dirt protection.


CLEARWALL® HS is a transparent frame system with noise absorbing properties. Highly active absorber elements are integrated into the frame system and the centre bar. The noise absorption level of the frame element is 4 dB. Using a highly absorbing basement, absorption levels of up to 8 dB for the entire noise barrier system can be reached. The integrated absorber elements are covered by perforated plates. The result is a harmonious looking frame system, which optionally can be delivered in different colours. The modular elements can easily be mounted one above each other; 4 m elements with one centre bar and 5 m elements with two centre bars. However its horizontal nature is maintained. The clear structure of the elements provides a pleasant appearance and vista to the road user and at the same time transparent noise protection for the residents.



KOHLHAUER SCORSA® POINT FIXING is a top of the range solution for exigent architects and planners. This sprung point support is a patented innovation that combines the glass elements elastically with the narrow post structure via springs.

Modern soundproofing technically and visually effective

To allow rail travellers a view of woods, valleys and other sights but at the same time to provide residents with effective protection from noise, planners are more and more often specifying transparent soundproofing screens. But the essential posts and horizontal supports interrupt the clear view and to date they have spoilt the look. Architects looked in vain for the perfect technical solution so as to achieve the greatest possible transparency. An innovative sprung point support is an efficient solution for this problem. It opens up the view and guarantees structural solidity. The springs, which can move in all directions, absorb part of the vibration energy and do not transmit it to the support structure of the posts.



KOHLHAUER SCORSA® FLEX noise barrier system excels with its their innovative, modular and highly flexible design. SCORSA FLEX Systems allows you to construct curved noise barriers with transparent frames. Curved systems have the advantage of offering improved noise reduction while lowering the height of the barrier. The KOHLHAUER SCORSA® FLEX system provides a full system solution including supports, a flexible, hinged frame and special clamps. It is a system solution for quick and easy installation, a well designed and thought-through system that guarantees excellent value for money, while still meeting the highest demands on design and functionality.


KOHLHAUER SCORSA® FLEX - noise barriers perfectly combine attractive appearance, simple assembly with superior technical achievement. They allow a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and help to prevent the well known problem of "tunnel vision". In this way they help to improve quality of life as well as increase road traffic safety.

KOHLHAUER SCORSA® FLEX's straight lines make them stand out without having that depressing, oppressive effect on motorists. The refractive effect of the curves in the material transforms sunlight into a flat, lively band with shadow effects that are pleasant for neighbouring residents to look at. Motorists also prefer this system with its different levels, as they are not distracted by posts and instead see a constant, pleasant barrier.


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