Solutions for noise control with best perspectives

In 1993, the company R. Kohlhauer GmbH was founded by Reinhard Kohlhauer under the premise of offering "noise protection and more" and providing flexibility as well as versatility. Today, Kohlhauer considers itself as a system supplier for noise control and environment management who can offer clear benefits.

  • Own-developed innovative solutions for noise protection with highest transparency.
  • A high-quality and economic product portfolio to meet the most diverse requirements.
  • Extensive know-how in planning, logistics, production and distribution of system components for road and rail noise control projects.

New developments open up new horizons

The product range has been gradually extended according to market requirements. The constructive cooperation with leading raw material manufacturers and suppliers has played a vital role in this. Furthermore with its Soundgard ST and Soundgard TOP® products, Kohlhauer has developed a new standard and established its name within the industry. Moreover, with the latest product from the Kohlhauer think tank, Clearwall®, a system that is both transparent and highly absorbing, Kohlhauer shows innovative potential and a clear orientation towards the requirements of the industry.

In April 2008 Kohlhauer took over the noise protection area "Rock Delta® Green" by of the Danish Rockwool daughter RockDelta a/s. The plantable, high absorbent noise barrier systems of the subarea “Rock Delta® Green” (based on a rock wool substance) has been already in the international distribution of R. Kohlhauer Gmbh for many years. For Kohlhauer® the forward integration represents only a logical step in the continued success and growth rate. 2007, the company achieved with approximately 6.5 million Euro the highest volume of sales in the fifteen years of their company history. To the 2009-01-01 the european- and worldwide successfull noise protection system RockDelta® Green received a new name - KOHLHAUER PLANTA®. The innovative company opens with this concept a new product line, which should establish itself in the next years, also in other areas of Europe and the world. The different license partners specially were educated and will now construct the business for a European-based distribution. Objective to the year 2010 is the worldwide presence through licensees and consulting activities as well as the product development for start countries.


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