The distribution of TAP-RAIL starts!

The distribution of TAP-RAIL starts!

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TAP-RAIL | After the EBA approval, also the "Deutsche Bahn" gave their permit – KOHLHAUER® now goes into distribution!

A few weeks ago, in addition to the EBA approval, TAP-RAIL has now also approved by DB Netze for the use on railways according to the german Federal Railway Order (EBO). Due to its high rigidity, TAP-RAIL can also be used on railways with high-speed traffic (up to 300 km/h), depending on the element size.

KOHLHAUER SCORSA® TAP-RAIL is a modular frame system that combines transparent noise protection with integrated, absorbent elements.

The absorption values (EN 1793-1) are 4 dB and can be increased up to 8 dB for the entire system by adding a highly absorbent base or combining it with highly absorbing aluminum noise protection elements.

It is no longer necessary to dispense on transparent materials, when absorption ist required.

This preserves the view of cultural monuments, beautiful landscapes, city views and sights for the traveller. A wide range of possible combinations of different noise protection elements offers interesting design options.

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