Green instead of gray!

Green instead of gray!

Ecological noise barrier (Kanton CH-Aargau/Stadt CH-Baden)


In connection with the renovation of Baden's schoolhouse square, two high retaining walls were provided with a green ecological noise protection wall.

For many structures of road traffic, concrete is used as material - gray ist the result. Concrete is not only an excellent building material but also has creative potential. In terms of noise, "bare" concrete creates a relatively strong reflection. To reduce this noise source, the modern noise protection offers excellent opportunities, as the example shown proves.

"Green Noise Protection" produces not only the design but also a cooling and cleansing effect – due to the "heat island effect" and dust binding in the cities an important climatic function.

The city of Baden took advantage of this opportunity and commissioned a general planner to supplement the two retaining walls east and west of the Schlossberg tunnel with a green noise protection wall.

"Green front" of components

In their dimension, the new wall constructions are up to 58 meters long and 10 meters high. Their total area is around 340 square meters. The new noise barriers are build up of single wall elements (0.5 m x 4 m x 0.15 m).

As a supporting substructure for the elements serve vertical steel rails and brackets (Halfen). Narrow strip strips are covering the element joints on the front. Also inside a strip plate serves as a stop for the wall modules, which have been inserted from above between the sheets and so immovably "stuck" in their position.

Between the green wall sections (1.5 m to 3 meters high) are each plant troughs, which are irrigated if necessary centrally controlled. The built-in substructure was specially developed for this object and used as such for the first time.

Effective noise protection requires quality

Noise protection is about achieving sound insulation and absorption that suits the local conditions. This requires appropriate materials, products and systems.

The Kohlhauer Planta noise reduction elements, whose core consists of highly compacted rock wool, are characterized by a very high material and technical quality and have proven themselves in numerous applications. The plants were planted in this case with ivy and wild vines, which are characterized by robustness and durability.

The construction of this impressive project in 2018 was made possible not only by a progressive authority (building contractor: Canton of CH-Aargau / City of CH-Baden) but also by dedicated planners and craftsmen on site.

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